Managing Legacy Applications

VIDEO: Managing legacy applications – the elephant in the room

In November 2018, Chris Owen-Smith (our MD) was invited to join a discussion panel at the IT Lab ITSB event at the Thought Leadership Centre at the McLaren Technology Centre.  Watch Chris take part in this fascinating discussion about how legacy applications hold companies back and what you can do about this thorny problem.   Systems that were once successful are trapping our data and constraining our processes. They’re also tricky to change.

Watch the panel to learn:

  1. What are the current tech trends?
  2. What could you achieve by moving to a cloud-based platform?
  3. How to avoid a new tool becoming a new silo
  4. Consumer apps: what’s the key to adoption?

Hear app success stories from an airline, a holiday park and a housing association and how they manage their legacy applications. Learn how you can achieve better governance, security, oversight and integration.

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Watch Chris Owen-Smith discuss Managing Legacy Applications at the ITSB

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