Are you looking to replace spreadsheets with software?

It's easy to rely on Excel to run business processes, but managing your business with spreadsheets can be risky. So if you are looking to replace spreadsheets with software, we can help.

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Excel can become your best friend very quickly if you’re not careful, and eventually it will mean you are running your business on spreadsheets. We can help transform your aging spreadsheets into secure and robust business applications.

We have a proven track record of developing products to eliminate the use of spreadsheets for business critical processes, and we can help you improve your productivity with a bespoke software product.

How can we help?

Process Mapping

Analysis of your existing process

We’ll start by understanding the process that you are managing with spreadsheets, and what works and doesn’t work. Then we can propose a software solution to meet your needs.


Eliminate your spreadsheet models

Software can be developed to solve almost any problem, we’ll propose a solution that solves yours, and pleases your users.

Robust applications

Create a robust business application

Our development team has extensive experience creating software products that eliminate spreadsheets. Using an agile methodology, we can get you out of Excel and into the future in no time at all.

Process audit

  • A complete audit of existing processes.
  • Our recommendations on changes to make to your process.
  • Some suggestions on where to start your application project.

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  • We split your development up into phases so that the most important features are completed first.
  • We plan your development into sprints, sending you new, functional software every two weeks.
  • You can change your mind about priorities and features as development progresses.

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Free technical & UX application audit

Our offer of a free, one-day audit of your application.

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