Do you want to replace manual paperwork with software?

There’s no hiding from the fact that manual paper based systems are ineffective, prone to human error, and resource intensive to run.  If you are looking to replace your manual processes with software, we can help.

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Typical issues with manual processes include: re-keying of the same data into different systems, mistyping of data when it is transcribed from paper sources and inaccessibility of data that is locked away in filing cabinets. In this age of digitalisation, your customers and staff have high expectations when it comes to recording, exchanging and reporting data and you should be striving to meet them.

If manual processes are holding your business back, we can help transform them into a secure and robust business application. We will work with all the stakeholders to review your process, suggest improvements and then design a visual simulation which they can test drive before it is developed.

How can we help?

Discovery Workshop

Analysis of your existing process

We’ll start by understanding the process that you are managing with manual paperwork, and what works and doesn’t work. Then we can propose a software solution to meet your needs.

Graphic Design

UX discovery workshops

We can help you work out the scope and scale of your bespoke app development project, so you can secure funding or investment.

Software Development

Graphic and visual design

We can support your custom software project with visual design services, such as branding and graphic design.

Graphic Design

Create a robust business application

Our development team has extensive experience creating software products that eliminate manual paperwork. Using an agile methodology, we can get you started in no time at all.

Process audit

  • A complete audit of existing processes.
  • Our recommendations on changes to make to your process.
  • Some suggestions on where to start your application project.

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Bespoke design services

  • You can submit a design brief for your app. For some great tips, read our article.
  • After reviewing your brief, we’ll arrange to meet with you to finalise the scope of your design.
  • Then we can provide an estimate for your project, and we’ll work together to deliver it.

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  • Book development time for your work according to your needs.
  • Software updates delivered to you at the end of every sprint.
  • A full product team ready to help you.

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Free technical & UX application audit

Our offer of a free, one-day audit of your application.

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