Are you ready to turn your Excel prototype into software?

We can help you with custom app development to turn an Excel prototype into software, letting you share your product with its target user on a global scale.

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Turn your excel prototype into software

Excel is a powerful tool that helps get many projects off the ground. However, it is unlikely to grow with you and can soon become time-consuming and difficult to maintain.

Our team can recreate everything you are currently doing in Excel in a scalable, user-friendly web app. This will stop you spending hours filling in endless fields and calculations, as well as making it super easy for you to train new people on your process.

How can we help?

Process Analysis

Process analysis

We can work with you to break down your current process and create flow diagrams setting out all of the logic required.

UX Design

UX design

We can help you define the look-and-feel for your custom application. Then our UX design team can create a high-fidelity simulation that you can use for testing or demonstrations.

Architecture Consultation

Architecture consultation

Work face-to-face with one of our senior software developers to make sure all your number-crunching is getting the job done.

Discovery Workshop

  • Understand where the information is currently stored.
  • We’ll review your existing spreadsheet to determine the best possible software solutions for your needs.
  • We’ll create a simulation of the proposed app for your user testing.

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  • We split your development up into phases so that the most important features are completed first.
  • We plan your development into sprints, sending you new, functional software every two weeks.
  • You can change your mind about priorities and features as development progresses.

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Technical Consultation

  • Meet with one of our senior developers to review your requirements one-on-one.
  • Review and amend calculations, algorithms, and functionality in real-time.
  • Be confident that your requirements are understood and that your new app does what you need it to do.

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