Is your legacy application ready for an upgrade?

Whether it’s an internal system or a customer facing product, custom applications can easily get out of date, old fashioned and unwieldy. If you are considering a re-design, upgrade or even a re-write, we can support you with software development services.

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The tech industry moves extremely fast and keeping up with the latest releases and upgrades can be a challenge for even the most enthusiastic software product owner. This means you can easily end up with a legacy system that is so far behind, it is a real challenge to upgrade.

As time passes, features are added and functions are extended. Eventually you end up with a mammoth product with an enormous cost of change, and little flexibility.

In addition, over the last 5 years the look and feel of software, even for internal use, has become just as important as the functionality of the app.

How can we help?

Support Helpdesk

Source code review

Our Solutions Architect can review the source code of your product and make recommendations for upgrades to your software.

Emergency Support

UX design

Our in-house UX design team can review your app and make recommendations for improvements. We can even create a simulation of the end product to show you how we expect the upgraded UI to look and function.

Infrastructure Management

Software development

If you are at the point where you need to replace a legacy application, we can re-write it for you. We’ll create your product from the ground up, incorporating existing functionality and adding new features where required.

Discovery Workshop

  • Specific exercises to understand your needs.
  • Get real user input on your project before you begin.
  • Analysis of the outputs in order to recommend next steps.

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Source code review

  • Provide us with your latest source code.
  • Our senior developers will review it.
  • We can provide detailed analysis and recommendations.

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Bespoke design services

  • Send us a design brief for your app.
  • We’ll review and create a proposal for a design phase.
  • Then we can work on delivering the design together.

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Are you interested in finding out everything your product needs to be a success? Book a discovery workshop now, and we can help you do it.

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