Do you want to improve customer experience with an app?

Rather than bury them in paperwork, create a single-pane-of-glass to improve customer experience with an app.

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Does your business have lots of paper or email based communication with customers? Have you got multiple separate systems containing customer data? We have over 20 years of expertise in integration and digitisation, so we can help you bring all your systems together to help your customers.

Sharing content with customers via an app can: reduce paperwork, save labour, make it easier to manage change and provide new data on what your customers want.

How can we help?

Understand the data

Understand the 'as is'

We’ll start with an exercise to understand what your customers need, and where their data is currently stored. Then we can work closely with customers, as well as stakeholders in your business, to create a solution that surfaces all the information.

Prepare an achievable scope

We will refine the scope to start with the smallest possible feature set to get your customers using the product. This scope will deliver on your objectives, whilst being quick to develop and launch, allowing you to keep your customers happy.

Launch and reiterate

Once you are up and running, we can run workshops to identify what your users will need next. This means you can update your product regularly, maintaining customer engagement.

Discovery Workshop

  • Understand where the information is currently stored.
  • Understand the expected users and stakeholders.
  • Create a solution to satisfy all.

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Agile Development

  • Quick and iterative development sprints.
  • Close engagement with your stakeholders.
  • Regular reviews and feedback sessions.

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Product Management

  • Regular workshops with users and stakeholders.
  • We'll create proposals based on genuine need.
  • Our consultants will work with you on roll outs.

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Free technical & UX application audit

Our offer of a free, one-day audit of your application.

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