Agile Software Development

We are an agile software development company. We'll work iteratively with you, so you're guaranteed to get exactly what you want, in record time. We work closely with all our customers to create bespoke software products that enhance their business.

Software development services

Agile software development is based on delivering highest value first. Once designed, your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will be divided into manageable chunks. We'll plan these chunks into two week iterative pieces, called sprints. At the end of each sprint you will receive completed software.

During each sprint, you will also work closely with our designers to create acceptance criteria for the User Stories in the next sprint. This means that what you have specified will be developed and ready for testing in a very short time.

What we'll do

Agile Software Development - Project Planning

Project planning

Once your design is completed, we will plan all the requirements into a series of sprints. Our plan will include; the agile software design and development in each sprint, the approvals we'll need from you and when we'll release to you.

Agile Software Development - Product Backlog

Product backlog & planning

During the sprints, alongside softwareĀ development, we will be refining your product backlog. The design team will refine your User Stories, while the developers will agree the architecture for the next area of the application.

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

The agile software development team at SAS can create anything from a mobile app to a data analysis platform. We pride ourselves on not only being able to deliver software that is beautiful, but clever too.

We have developed front end applications for iOS, Android, web and Windows. The mobile apps we have built cover everything from consumer browsing to logistics and planning. Our stunning responsive web applications use the latest technology available on all browsers.

As a full-stack team, we are not only building exceptional user interfaces, but backend systems too. Using the latest in Azure solutions, we have created incredible systems, processing millions of data points, everyday.

Agile Software Development - Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team tests your software at three levels. For each user story, the testing will check that the acceptance criteria are met. For an epic, the testing will ensure that the required functionality is delivered. For the product, automated testing will ensure that changes do not affect the system as a whole.

Agile Software Development - Reporting


At the end of each sprint, you will receive a detailed report of agile software development in the sprint. We'll include a list of work completed and work planned for the next two weeks. We'll also provide commentary and progress against the plan.

Agile Software Development - Releases


You can expect a release to your UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment every two weeks. Once the product is ready, we'll schedule a release to the live public environment, and then we'll plan regular releases for enhancements and updates from then on.

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