Our UX Discovery Workshop will uncover all the features your bespoke software product needs to be a success.

Discovery Workshop

The main reason a software project fails is because of a lack of understanding of the user and their needs. We believe all software is for its users, no matter the business need for it. Our entire process is built around the user and their experience.

Our initial meeting with you will be to understand your idea or need. Then we will recommend a tailored workshop for you.

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What we'll do

Process Analysis

'As is' process analysis

Using the current process at a high-level as a guide, the attendees to the workshop will assess each stage, identifying all the things that go wrong and the things that are critical to the success of the process.

This tells us what the biggest problems are and what the software must include to be a success.

Roundtable discussion

Round table

Our consultant will inspire discussion among the attendees, which we can use to capture key thoughts and ideas. We'll get you to talk about why you want the software, what your current issues are and what you hope it will do for you.

This will help us to get a better grasp on your vision, goals, users and customers.

Empathy mapping

Empathy mapping

We will first have identified the types of users you have or want to have. During the workshop we'll discuss each one, and consider their current situation. Then we'll look at what pains we can solve, and what gains they might get.

Focussing on the users is the key to the success of this workshop, so we'll work carefully with you to document your users and their experiences.

Workshop Documentation


After the workshop, we'll take everything away and write it up for you to absorb. This will include the documentation of the activities in the workshop. We'll also add our observations and a list of features for an initial version of your product.

Something else?

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Does the workshop sound like it might help you progress your bespoke software development project? We can help you understand the size, scale and shape of your product so you can decide what steps to take next.

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