Application Support

We offer application support when you need it and how you need it. You can rely on us to maintain your application no matter what.

We will offer you a support package to suit your application's needs when you go live. This will give you access to our support desk, for when issues come up in your live application.

If you have an existing application, we can onboard you as a support customer. We'll take over your application, and can be available to resolve any issues that arise.

As well as traditional fault resolution, our support team can help you get the most from your software. We can offer support and advice on hosting, data migration and infrastructure.

Application Support Bugs

Bug fixes

Problems will happen, and we'll be there to get them sorted. Our dedicated support desk will triage your issues and develop fixes according to your priorities.

Infrastructure and Hosting Application Support

Hosting & infrastructure

Once your application is complete, we can host it for you on Azure. For business critical applications in particular, the software must be reliable and available 24/7. Our infrastructure experts can help you get the technologies to guarantee that for you.

Data Migrations


When you are moving from an existing system, retaining data is vital. We can migrate existing data into new applications or new versions for you.

Application Support Emergencies


We know that your software could be in use 24 hours a day, so we can be too. Our out-of-hours services can be available to you when you need it for support or releases.

Something else?

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