Free download: 10 things to consider before building an app

Download the white paper for our tips on what you need to consider before you embark on building an app.

This white paper is a simple guide to prepare you for the complexities of building an app, before you begin. Many of our customers begin their projects with a limited understanding of what might happen during the process, our guide will help you get ahead of the game.

Our white paper will ensure you:

👨‍💻 Understand the work involved in creating an app

🤔 Are prepared to meet with prospective development partners

🤩 Can make your product stand out amongst the competition

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NeQis IPR - Independent Monitoring of Equipment in Sterile Services

The neQis IPR software project is an application that processes data transmitted by neQis' proprietary IOT devices. The application analyses against configured variables and reports cycle success and machine health. It can monitor washers, sterilisers and other environments.

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Platform Housing Group Tenancy Management App

As part of a company wide digitisation initiative, this software project was created to provide a way for tenants to interact with the housing association. Tenants can access the application Your Waterloo via mobile app or website to manage their tenancy as well as find information and report faults.

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