Free checklist: Is your project suitable for time and material?

Fill in the checklist to find out if you have a project that should be run on a time and material basis.

We've put together a simple question checklist to help you decide between a fixed price and time and material approach. Just answer 6 easy questions.

Our checklist will easily help you with:

👨‍💻 Getting the right commercial agreement in place with your developer

🤔 Understanding how your commercial decisions affect the outcome of your product development

🤩 Working with your development partner to create amazing products

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We know that owning software is a full time job for more than one person. Often, businesses rely on a single person to develop, test, and support their software. We are a full stack development team. All our architects, designers, developers, quality assurance, and support teams are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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My Finlake iOS and Android Mobile App

A bespoke mobile app for holidaymakers, enabling them to get the most out of their experience at Finlake Holiday Park in Devon.

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Platform Housing Group Tenancy Management App

As part of a company wide digitisation initiative, this software project was created to provide a way for tenants to interact with the housing association. Tenants can access the application Your Waterloo via mobile app or website to manage their tenancy as well as find information and report faults.

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