Platform Housing Group**, wanted to digitise their tenants' experience. This was a vision far beyond most other housing associations in the UK.

The intention was to reduce traffic through the call centre by encouraging tenants to engage with them online.

The Problem

All tenant interactions were handled by the call centre. This was a costly and slow experience for both the tenant and the business.

There was also a history of having lots of independent systems for tenants to use. Features available to call centre staff were:

  • Managing tenant data
  • Requesting repair jobs
  • Sending messages to tenants
  • Taking rent or services payments
  • Recording tenant feedback
  • Logging tenant complaints for anti-social behaviour

The input of data was completely left up to to call-centre operatives and the work load was extensive. Platform Housing needed a way to reduce costs and improve experience for the tenants.

They wanted a portal for social housing tenants that would bring together all these actions. The challenge was to get all these systems into one consistent user interface.

Platform Housing created a digitisation initiative and employed SAS to develop the software.

Portal for social housing tenant contact details
Portal for social housing tenants profile
Portal for social housing tenants news
Portal for social housing tenants contact

The Solution

We developed a "single pane of glass" for tenants, bringing together all the different systems.

The online portal for the tenants is available on web and mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Users can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Your Platform drives tenant engagement online, instead of through the call centre. This reduces the level of resource required and simplifies the journey for tenants.

The tenants can access Your Platform 24 hours a day and don't have to wait for office hours. The addition of the Intercom service means that tenants can get help, as and when they need it.

This online portal for tenants also brings together many systems into one consistent user experience.

*portal was originally named Your Waterloo for Waterloo Housing Group
**previously known as Waterloo Housing Group

Integrations with external systems


The application logs repair jobs for contractors in both Open Housing and Oneserve, depending on tenant location.

Open Housing

The source of all tenant data for Your Platform. We use it to retrieve all tenancy information, log faults for repair and retrieve account statements.


Intercom web chat allows users to get help at any time while using the portal. It can also collect important data for tracking user behaviour.

Portal for social housing tenants integrations


Tenants can setup direct debits online by accessing Allpay via the portal.


Tenants can report anti-social behaviour in the app. Your Platform reports this directly to the Housing Officers who will manage the case.


The repairs, feedback and ASB features create new documents and add them to Swordfish. Users can also download tenancy documentation via the portal.

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