neQis is a leading provider of independent monitoring systems. Over a hundred hospitals across the NHS and private healthcare groups use their devices.

The neQis Independent Monitoring Software processes over 25 million sensor readings per day. The software ensures that customers are compliant, and enhances hospital infection control.

The Problem

The original application, developed by a single engineer, could not keep up with the growth of the business.

Two critical stages of the decontamination process depend on the performance of machines. First, a washer, or disinfector cleans the instruments, then an autoclave sterilises them at a high temperature.

If stringent pass criteria are not met in either of these stages, the kit will not be safe for use on a patient.

Governance standards demand that there is independent monitoring on these machines. neQis is the market leader in this sector and provides the only solution that is cloud based.

neQis designs and manufactures its own data-loggers which take inputs from twelve channels of sensor data.

The original neQis independent monitoring software was unable to keep up with improvements in the hardware. It needed to analyse thousands of cycles' worth of data every day, and did not perform well enough.

The application struggled with poor performance and a risky dependence on a single developer. The business could not scale to keep up with its own success.

NeQis Independent Monitoring
NeQis Independent Monitoring
NeQis Independent Monitoring
NeQis Independent Monitoring

The Solution

The new neQis independent monitoring software is a modern, scalable and flexible web application. It has not only kept up with the business, but has helped neQis launch new services and move into new markets.

We redeveloped the platform from scratch, creating a service which receives and analyses the data from the sensors in near real time. This ensures compliance by comparing the data to customisable profiles for each machine. The user can see the analysis in a new UI designed to display critical performance data.

Users can now view detailed charts, breakdown reports and automated print outs instantly. The recent addition of a dashboard, gives insight into performance of specific machines and operators.

We host the entire application on Microsoft Azure, so we get high performance as well as security, resilience and scalability. Recently, we have added features for monitoring continuous data for incubators and positive air pressure rooms, such as operating theatres and sterile services pack rooms.

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