Platform Housing Group provides social housing and affordable new homes around the UK. They manage more than 27,000 homes across central England, from the Welsh border to the Wash.

Governance is key in the social housing sector. The team had already tried a few board applications but none of them really hit the spot.

The Problem

Governance is key in the social housing sector. The board at Waterloo had specific challenges when it came to planning their meetings and distributing their board packs.

Many members of social housing boards are, by necessity, outside of the business.  This makes the planning, administering and running of the board meetings very difficult.
Administrators organise the board meetings, but do not attend, so they need different access to board members. They work within the company, and need to be able to share secure documentation to the outside.
The chairman needs access to oversee the board meetings, documentation and reporting.
Board application login page
Board application board management
Board application login page
Board application add new meeting

The Solution

We created a specialist board application, accessible via iPad for members, and web for administrators. We tailored the app for use in social housing, but it would work for any company with disparate board members.

The board application, called SimpleBoard, has a web front end for administration. Users can book meetings, invite members and manage agendas and associated board packs. The administrator controls the publishing of the documentation, with approval from the chairman.
Administrators can invite board members, who will download an iPad app from the App Store. This will allow them access to all meetings, and boards to which they are invited.

All board packs and associated data are securely stored in Microsoft Azure. The data is available offline to board members, and expires after 3 months. The system revokes access instantly for deleted board members.

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