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If you have a software project you'd like us to help with, these examples should give you a feel for the type of software development and user experience design we do.

Software projects

My Finlake iOS and Android Mobile App

A bespoke mobile app for holiday makers to use to get the best user experience of their holiday at Finlake Holiday park in Devon.

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NeQis IPR - Independent Monitoring of Equipment in Sterile Services

The NeQis IPR software project is an application that processes data transmitted by NeQis' proprietary IOT devices. The application analyses against configured variables and reports cycle success and machine health. It can monitor washers, sterilisers and other environments.

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Selkie ecommerce website

This software project was to update and modernise Selkie's website design. Created to support the sales of a new range of outdoor swimming equipment and apparel. The back office ecommerce platform, supports stock management, order fulfilment, product management and reporting.

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SimpleBoard - Board Meeting Organisation for iPad

This software project was to unite geographically separate board members. We created a custom web application for meeting organisers to plan meetings for attendees to view information via an iPad app.

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Platform Housing Group Tenancy Management App

As part of a company wide digitisation initiative, this software project was created to provide a way for tenants to interact with the housing association. Tenants can access the application Your Waterloo via mobile app or website to manage their tenancy as well as find information and report faults.

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NFC Android Mobile App

Part of a larger transformation for the business, during this software project, we created a mobile app, which mobile app connected to existing product. The original product was created for track-and-trace use at hospitals across the UK, and this new app offered a stop-by-stop to-do list for delivery drivers and traceability of van contents.

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Project Money Retirement Planning Application

The basis of this software project was to bring to life an Excel prototype in a web based application. The software allows customers to plan for their financial security in retirement. By creating a Project Money plan, users can see how their current savings and projected incomes will support them once they are retired.

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Impcross Impesq Quality Management Application

Starting life as an Excel model, Impesq has been transformed into an innovative, scalable and flexible web application. The Impesq system shines a light on the causes of poor quality and then helps reduce it by identifying the most important problems to solve and what training is required.

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Cantel Medical - SURESTOREĀ® Endoscope Storage and Transport system

For over 35 years, Cantel has been working with healthcare providers to revolutionise the prevention and control of endoscopy infection. We have helped Cantel to stabilise the SURESTOREĀ® platform and have added new features such as multiple language support, a cleaner UI design and extra features for the engineers that service and support the machines.

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