Changing the way you think about building software

2020 marks our 23rd year developing custom software, yet we feel like we’re just getting started.

About SAS Apps

The SAS Apps Story

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to earn the repeat business of amazing customers including some of the biggest brands in the UK, and some of the smallest. It’s rare that a software business is equally as popular with PLCs and start-ups, but we are that kind of company. We have grown-up processes and accreditations, but we are as approachable as a start-up.

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. The software we develop for our customers makes a difference to people’s lives. It really matters, and we take a lot of pride in that.

By Chris Owen-Smith, Founder

We the people

We’re programmers, designers, brewers, UX specialists, jigsaw-ers, walkers, dog lovers, project managers, baristas, testers, analysts, chefs, engineers, parents, problem solvers, filmmakers, tea makers, architects, gardeners, bikers, tourists, fans, DIYers, consultants, runners, speakers, gamers, readers, volunteers, governors, campers and all damned hard workers.

A diverse group that is proud of the differences that enable us to bring such a rich set of skills and experience to our work.

Our team culture does not come from the foosball table, our cool warehouse or the baked potatoes we eat together every Tuesday, it comes from our values. We care about, and look after each other, everyone contributes to how we run our business for the benefit of ourselves and our customers. We love the fact that we are all learning and growing together.

We’re big believers in the power of keeping things simple. Our continuous improvement obsession ensures we keep ourselves honest, challenging everything we do constantly.

Our Values

About SAS Apps - always be learning

Always. Be. Learning.

We are committed to our development. We might be happy with how we are doing it now, but we know that tomorrow there could be a better way.

About SAS Apps - have fun

Have fun

We rely on our creativity to build innovative and amazing software every day, so we always have fun at work.

About SAS Apps - be excellent to each other

Be excellent to each other

Our team is what makes us. Every single person is important, and our success is grounded in how we work together to achieve our goals.

About SAS Apps - quality

Quality is never an accident

We demand quality at every step of the process. To achieve this, we focus on simplicity in our design, ingenuity in our development and iteration in our process.

About SAS Apps - client success

Our clients’ success is our success

We want our clients to succeed, so we work closely with them to manage and grow their products and achieve their goals.

Come and meet us

If we sound like the sort of team you would like as your development partner then please get in touch on 01242 256990, or or just rock up and talk to us.

SAS Apps is a subsidiary of the SAS Group of Companies. As a profitable group with a combined turnover of £20m and 140 staff we have the financial strength and resources to deliver complex projects to our customers on time and on budget. We are able to offer favourable rates, flexible payment options and a range of complementary services alongside our core development skills.

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