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You can use our software development to help you start a business, improve your processes with software, or build a new product.

We believe SAS Applications is the best possible environment for creating outstanding software, developed by passionate experts.

Software development is what we do, so we are experts at creating digital products for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We are the perfect size; big enough to cope, but small enough to care, and always ready to develop your software product, whatever the need.

Software Development Services

Software development - Discovery Workshop

Use our Discovery Workshop to find out what features your product should include, so you can deliver on your vision and meet your users' needs. We can host workshops at our Cheltenham office or come to you.

Discovery Workshop

Software development - Development

We use Agile Software Development to iteratively and incrementally deliver your digital product according to your priorities. All software development is done by our in-house team based in Cheltenham.

Agile Software Development

Software development - UX Design

The team will create a suite of UX Design assets for you, according to User Experience best practices. This will include a hi-fidelity simulation, so that you are ready for user-testing and agile software development.

UX Design

We can provide Application Support for a system already in place, with improvements, monitoring and maintenance. Application Support can be provided from our Cheltenham office, on-site at your office, or out of hours.


Some projects we are proud of

NeQis IPR - Independent Monitoring in Sterile Services

The NeQis IPR software project is an application that processes data transmitted by NeQis' proprietary IOT devices. The application reports on cycles and machine health, and as a result, customers have instant information that they can act on to improve machine performance.

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My Finlake iOS and Android Mobile App

A bespoke mobile app for holidaymakers, enabling them to have the best experience during their stay at Finlake Holiday Park in Devon.

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NFC Transport Android Mobile App

Part of a larger transformation for the business, during this software project, we created a mobile app which connected to an existing product. The original product was created for track-and-trace use at hospitals across the UK, and this new app offered a stop-by-stop to-do list for delivery drivers and traceability of van contents.

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Share your ideas 💡

If you have an idea, or a project in mind that you want to work with us on, we'd love to hear from you. Say "hi" and tell us a little about it and we'll get right back to you.

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